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Kakarikis have become a very popular bird for both the pet owner as well as the breeder.They are very inquisitive birds, always looking for some attention, or something to play with and get into.  A bird that is lots of fun to watch with lots of character.

There are two main species: The Red-fronted and the Yellow-fronted Kakariki.  The wild color is green, but there are quite a number of mutations for both species.  We specialize in the mutations which are lutino, and pied ( mcolored), as well as the wild color of course.

                       Pied Red-fronted                                                                    Lutino Red-fronted

                      Fallow Red-fronted

Following is the yellow-fronted species, which is found not as commonly as the red-fronted Kakariki.

      Lutino Yellow-fronted

                    Wild-colored Yellow-fronted


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