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We usually keep a good selection of the indian ringnecked parakeet.  The ringnecked is a very                              good bird for both the breeder and the pet owner.  Most of the asian parakeets have a very good                       talking ability, the only downside is the strong vocal cords that can get annoying at times whenkept within a home.

The blue mutation down below has been around for many years, but is still one of the most attractive colors in          my eyes.

There are dozens of different mutations on the market now and it is getting increasingly difficult to give them all a name.  Following are pictures of some more of the mutations we try to raise.

                                                 Albino hen                                                                       Yellow headed Fallow (That's what I call it)


                           Grey X Grey                                                                               Olive

We do have a number of other colors available at times, but these are basically the colors we have in our stock         at the moment.



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