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GCBF Provides:  Educational and Entertaining Shows

If you are planning your Fair, company event, grand opening, school program or any other celebration, the Raptors will come to you!

For over 20 years we have been putting on Bird of Prey Shows and everyone loves seeing the birds and learning more about them. The show includes a variety of native raptors, explaining their habitat, their status in the wild, identification, and their training and use by humans for falconry.

Our show is very educational. You will learn all kinds of things about the birds Birds of Prey that you likely never knew.  Also we have a question and answer period at the end of each show to cover anything of interest to you personally.

If conditions allow, part of the show will be a Falconry "free-flight" demonstration showing you the ability of having control over a bird that can fly over 150km per hour.

For Resorts, Kids Camps, etc... GCBF offers an afternoon show, indoors-outdoors, once or on a weekly basis.  The show includes: Live Birds, a Movie (12 mins) and a free-flight demonstration.  Ask for further information:


Wildlife artists are welcome for studying or to held classes directly at the Farm.


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