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Nuisance Control
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Nuisance Control
GCBF Provides:  Nuisance Control Services

For over 20 years our company has been involved in controlling pesky birds when and whenever they are causing major damage to Agricultural sites, Harbour areas, Marinas and Golf Courses.  Chamber of Commerce's, Parks and Recreation Departments, Corporations and Private Managements are choosing and referring to us, to get a grip on those pesky intruders.

Agricultural Sites:

Berry Farms, Wineries facing potential losses on their valuable crop every year.  No wonder, because gulls, robins, starlings, cedar waxwings, etc... develop a taste for the juicy berries and they flock in the thousands.

Harbour Areas, Beaches, Parks, Landfill Sites, Golf Courses, Airports, etc...

Gulls, geese, ducks, cormorants, etc will be pesky by messing up your lawn and beaches, littering garbage all over the place.  Their droppings are high in acid, killing most of the vegetation.  It's smelly and do not forget, it's a high potential health risk for humans too.

Industrial Sites, Special Buildings, Airport Hangers, etc...

We will trap intruding pigeons, no mess on your valuable equipment anymore!  Note:  There will be no killing, no shooting or any other noise involved!  Our experienced staff works will trained Falconry birds and dogs - specially trained to do an effective job.

Falconry Works

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