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School of Falconry

GCBF Provides:  Training

Are you interested to become a Falconer?  Take a course at "Golden Creek Bird Farm"!

To become a licensed Falconer in the Province of Ontario you have to have:

  1. Your Small Game Hunting License
  2. A 15 month long apprenticeship time with a "Sponsor" (us) to obtain your "General Falconry License" which allows you to keep a maximum of 3 "indigenous" birds.


We will teach you how to handle and how to fly your raptor, housing, food, equipment and medical care (if needed).  Course will be held every 1st Saturday each month from 1PM - 5PM.


Courses are run in group sizes of approximately 6 - 10 apprentices.                   Scott ( apprentice) with Golden Eagle

                                                                                                Group of 2004 - 2005




                                                                                                                       Also Available:

  • Course for Bird Lover's and Naturalists.  This will cover Raptor Identification and raptors used for the Sport of Falconry.  (3 Weekends)
  • Advanced Course - Training and flying a "special" raptor:  Falcon or Eagle  (3 Weekends)

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